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     G10 Machining, FR4 Machining, Phenolic Machining, Plastic Sheet Drilling, Plastic Sheet Routing Experts since 1978

Bit Shop owner Gary Clark spent years with Excellon Industries (now Excellon Automation) developing his skills as a plastics machining expert. Gary opened The Bit Shop, Inc in the Bay Area to supply Printed Circuit Board drilling and routing services to the growing Silicon Valley. From the original days in the Clark garage, to today’s location in a 5200 sq. foot building in Milpitas, CA, Bit Shop has continued providing state of the art plastics and composites machining services. Still maintaining a close relationship with Excellon, Bit Shop has served as a beta site for testing most new releases of their CNC drilling machines.

Close Tolerance Drilling Services Using the Latest State of the Art Equipment
Providing G10 and FR4 CNC drilling, machining, and routing services for over 35 years means we have perfected the art of holding very close tolerances while drilling this (and many other) very difficult to handle materials. The Model 689 gives The Bit Shop the ability to utilize our plastics materials expertise to provide very small hole drilling services: as dense as 0.30 mm (0.0119”) pitch with a 0.15 mm (0.0059” ) hole. The 689 does precision machining and routing while operating at speeds up to 180K RPM. This drilling machine routinely handles depth control of + -.002", with special handling capabilities of + - .0005". Specializing in the tough jobs, we use our expertise in the very small hole drilling (0.50 mm diameter and x 0.61 mm pitch) required for pin and Ball Grid sockets.

The Bay Area’s Premier Supplier of Drilling and Routing Services
Establishing ourselves for many years as plastics machining experts has enabled Bit Shop to grow to become one of the Bay Area’s premier supplier of drilling and routing services. Today we provide precision machining services for a variety of engineered thermo plastic materials such as FR-4, G-10, Delrin®, Ultem®, UHMW, Acrylic/Lexan®, Nylon and many others.

Streamlined Processes Allow Prototype and Volume Jobs to Stay Under One Roof
The drilling and routing processes, production control, and engineering methods at Bit Shop are completely computer controlled with much of the proprietary software written by Bit Shop’s plastics fabrication experts. This process streamlining allows us to better serve our drilling, machining and routing services customers by keeping their prototype and volume jobs under one roof.

Work With the CNC Machining Experts
Our greatest asset is the state of the art equipment on hand and the many years of experience we possess in machining all types of difficult composite materials.

Contact us today and let us put our expertise to work for your next machining, drilling or routing project.