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     G10 Machining, FR4 Machining, Phenolic Machining, Plastic Sheet Drilling, Plastic Sheet Routing Experts since 1978


G10 CNC Machining, FR4 CNC Machining, Phenolic CNC Machining, Plastic Sheet CNC Routing, & Plastic Sheet CNC Drilling Services

Founded in 1978, Silicon Valley precision CNC machining and routing specialists Bit Shop, Inc. was originally focused on providing double sided and multilayer printed circuit board drilling and routing services. Privately owned and operated, the business expanded and today we are housed in a modern facility with state of the art multi-station high speed drilling and multi-station routing capabilities.

Composite Materials Machining Experts
Now specializing in close tolerance CNC drilling and routing of plastic materials such as G10/FR4 fiberglass, phenolics, nylons & acrylics—to name just a few—our greatest asset is our expertise with composite materials machining. BSI is proud to excel in the critical dimension areas that many companies require today. As an example, drilling pin grid array sockets and drilling ball grid array sockets calls for close tolerance drilling as dense as a machining a 9mm hole with a 1mm pitch. Fabricating these complicated parts is easily accomplished with our precision plastics machining equipment and our many years of close tolerance drilling and routing expertise.

We are also the premier fabricator of 370hr, polyimide fiberglass parts and Semitron polymer plastics used by the semiconductor industry. Customers find the quality of our precision CNC machining and routing exceeds most manufacturers, especially in the critical dimension area where we regularly hold tolerances better than 0.0003 true position and hole diameter tolerances of +/- .0003 or better.

Over many years of serving customers with G10 CNC Machining, FR4 CNC Machining, Phenolic CNC Machining, Plastic Sheet CNC Routing, & Plastic Sheet CNC Drilling Services, BSI’s fabrication processes have developed to agree with varying customer needs. Proprietary process put us in the forefront of CNC drilling & routing adhesive materials such as Kapton and 3m films into intricate shapes with very thin sections.

Precision Machining Tolerances:


Plastic Sheet CNC Drilling:

High Speed 180 K RPM Air Bearing Multi-Spindle (6) CNC Drilling machine
0.004" to 0.256" +0 -.001" diameter, with larger tolerances held to less than +-0.002" easily
Multi-Head Control Depth Drilling Tolerance +/- 0.001 or +-0.0003" where necessary
Maximum Panel Size 22.5” X 30”

Thickness 0.002 to 0.750

Plastic Sheet CNC Routing

High Speed 80 K RPM Air Bearing Multi-Spindle (5) CNC routing machine
Use 0.015" to 0.125" Diameter Cutters
Minimum Radius 0.0050 (Special process to achieve below 0.0075")
High Speed 14 to 80 K RPM
Multi-Spindle Z Axis Control
Control Depth Milling +/- .002 or Better
Panel Thickness up to 0.750"

Quality Control Material Certification:
Certificates of Compliance on Materials are available where requested.

CAD Files Accepted for all CNC Plastic Sheet Routing and CNC Plastic Sheet Drilling Services:

Whether your precision CNC machining or routing job calls for one or 10,000+ parts, the precision plastics fabrication experts at BSI provide unparalleled excellence. Contact us today—let us help you with your plastic fabrication needs.